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Posted by MrFu on June 22, 2015

Records VOA Special English

VOA Special English: Words And Their Stories —- records blog

This article is used to record the learning Words And Their Stories.

Record content: study time, article title and article link.

I hope I can keep it updated.

Wish I could have been kept up to date.


Time Title
2015-05-26 Hold Your Horses!
2015-05-27 Common French Words in American English
2015-05-28 Not All Mother Expressions Are As Nice As Mom
2015-06-08 S.O.S. – In Other Words, Help!
2015-06-09 When It Comes to Money, Black Is Better Than Red
2015-06-10 Early American Railroads Shape Modern Language
2015-06-11 American Expressions in the Home
2015-06-12 Expressions From the World of Bugs
2015-06-13 Don’t Panic!
2015-06-15 Green Means Spring and Other Things
2015-06-16 Maverick, A Truly American Word
2015-06-17 Words That Are Their Own Opposites
2015-06-18 Let the Sun Shine In
06-23~24 Celebrating Fathers!
06-25~26 ‘Beware the Ides of March’
06-27,29 Is Your Plan Sustainable?
07-02~03 Don’t Be Caught With Your Pants Down
07-04 Let’s Do Business!
07-05~06 Independence Day
07-10,15 Are You in the Homeland Generation?
07-16,17 What Is That Thing Called?