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这是卡片日记获得「今日 App」的推荐语,原文链接在这里 今日 App

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在这款 App 中,你可以为日记挑选最符合当日情景的照片,配上标题和文字描述,一篇图文并茂的短篇日记就诞生了。即使当天没什么创作灵感,写下一两句简短的随笔,也很有纪念意义。




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Card Diary is recommended by App Store: APP OF THE DAY

Do you remember what you did on this day a year ago? Perhaps you were lounging by the pool on holiday; or enjoying the company of your family; maybe it was just another steady day at the office. Every day, whether it’s an extra special one or of the average kind, is worth recording. And the minimalist journaling app Card Diary is the perfect storage space for your days.

With one picture a day, the app helps you to create a truly personalised diary. Your picture doesn’t have to be anything fancy (especially on those days where nothing astounding happens): maybe it’s a cute picture of your moody cat or a street in your neighbourhood looking particularly glorious with a dusting of pink sky overhead.

Your diary is organised according to months of the year. Set the month’s best photo as its cover image.

To add your photo for the day, tap the pencil icon on the app’s home screen, then compose a title, choose what the weather was doing using the sun icon and finally (the best bit), write. Whatever you feel like goes: maybe it’s just one word, or a short story about something incredible that happened, or even a little rant about a frustrating part of your day!

Whatever you record, Card Diary will save it and neatly arrange each entry under its designated month. If you miss a day (or a few) you can tap the diary icon in any month, select the missed date and then log a picture and any thoughts for that day.

Diary entries for each day can be saved as cards. You can make an entry with just text, but a photo will make it truly memorable.

Not every day will be particularly eventful of course and when that happens, take a quick photo and add a few words – it could well be the ideal opportunity to pause, reflect on things and have a moment of appreciation for a wonderfully average day. Set yourself a challenge to record for 365 days of the year and you’ll soon find journaling becomes a habit. You might just catch yourself on the lookout for interesting things in your day, however small, something you might not do otherwise.

Card Diary makes journaling a simple, mindful and highly rewarding activity. So, what did you do today?

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